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Jones Exhaust

18OD2503025058 Jones MF2267 Muffler Max Flow Racing 18” Oval 2 1/2”Offset/3”& 2.5” Dual Pipe 24” OAL

18OD2503025058 Jones MF2267 Muffler Max Flow Racing 18” Oval 2 1/2”Offset/3”& 2.5” Dual Pipe 24” OAL

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Offset 2 1/2 ID (Fits over 2 1/2 OD pipe) 

Dual 2 1/2” & 3” ID (Fits over 2 1/2” & 3” OD pipe) 

Casing Length: 18" 

Overall Length: 24” 

Casing Height: 5" 

Casing Width: 8" 

Body Design: Oval 

Offset/Dual Reversible 

Material: T409 Stainless Steel 

Weight: 11 lbs. 10 oz. 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 




     The Max Flow Racing Series mufflers are designed to produce minimum backpressure and maximize fuel economy and performance.  These mufflers utilize a straight through perforated tube design that is very effective at eliminating unwanted frequencies and noise without restricting performance.  The Max Flow series tends to produce a deep mellow tone at idle, and a loud deep rumble under throttle, without sounding raspy or hollow.  Perfect for performance enthusiasts, or for those who just want a little extra performance or gas mileage without breaking the bank.  We offer these mufflers in several casing sizes for varying sound and vehicle requirements. 

How does this muffler sound?

 Most performance enthusiasts are after a deep aggressive sound that does not sound hollow or raspy, but that still has some bite.  Max Flow mufflers deliver on this sound.  Their tone is smooth and deep.    

How are other straight through type mufflers built?

Before we tell you what makes this product unique, let us tell you how most other products out there are made.  Many products use stainless steel, but the materials often used are thin and brittle.  Over time this results in stress cracks around the stress points, such as along the welds and where the neck meets the body.  Some brands use rock wool type materials which can harden and settle.  This makes the muffler get louder over time (some installers call this the break-in period) and the mufflers ability to dissipate and absorb sound decreases.  Rock wool will also trap water inside the muffler, causing the muffler to rot from the inside.  If the units do use fiberglass, the materials are typically lightweight and may not be high temperature grade fiberglass.  Such products are not designed to withstand heat or vibration and the packing will deteriorate or blow out over time.

What about Max Flow quality?

Max Flow is focused on building high quality products.  They use high quality 409 stainless steel because it will not rust like standard aluminized products will.  They use a flexible form of stainless that resists metal fatigue and heat stress.  Their inner tube is all stainless steel and is mandrel formed for maximum sound, flow, and durability.  They do not wrinkle bend our inner tube.  They TIG weld our product for maximum strength.  Their inner packing is made from high temperature fiberglass because it can withstand extreme heat (up to 1200º) and vibration, and does not absorb or trap water.  They use a stainless steel retaining mesh to further protect the packing without impairing the sound absorbing properties of the fiberglass.  We are so confident in the quality, that we back it with a one year warranty on the casing, packing, and sound

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