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FX423 2" ID Exhaust Donut Gasket & Spring Bolt Stud Nut Hardware Repair Kit

FX423 2" ID Exhaust Donut Gasket & Spring Bolt Stud Nut Hardware Repair Kit

FX Exhaust

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Fits At Manifold, Unless Specified Otherwise 
Chrysler Dynasty 2.5L '89 
Chrysler E Class 2.2L '83-'84 
Chrysler E Class 2.6L '83-'84 
Chrysler Laser 2.2L '84-'86 
Chrysler Laser 2.5L '86 
Chrysler Lebaron 2.2L '82-'89 (Exc Turbo) 
Chrysler Lebaron 2.5L '86-'89 (Exc Turbo) 
Chrysler Lebaron 2.6L '82-'85 
Chrysler New Yorker 2.2L '83-'85 (Exc Turbo) 
Chrysler New Yorker 2.5L '86-'87
Chrysler New Yorker 2.6L '83-'85
Dodge 400 2.2L '82-'83
Dodge 400 2.6L '82-'83
Dodge 600 2.2L '83-'88 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge 600 2.5L '86-'88
Dodge 600 2.6L '83-'85
Dodge Aries 2.2L '81-'89
Dodge Aries 2.5L '86-'89
Dodge Aries 2.6L '81-'85
Dodge Caravan 2.5L '88-'90
Dodge Daytona 2.2L '84-'88 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Daytona 2.5L '86-'89 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Dynasty 2.5L '89
Dodge Lancer 2.2L '85-'89 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Lancer 2.5L '86-'89 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Omni 1.6L '83-'90 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Omni 2.2L '81-'90 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Ram Van 2.5L '88-'90
Dodge Shadow 2.2L '87-'94 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Shadow 2.5L '88-'94 (Exc Turbo)
Dodge Spirit 2.5L '89-'90 (Exc Turbo)
Nissan Sentra 2.5L '02-'06 (At Muffler)
Plymouth Acclaim 2.5L '89-'90 (Exc Turbo)
Plymouth Caravelle 2.2L '83-'88 (Exc Turbo)
Plymouth Caravelle 2.5L '86-'88 (Exc Turbo)
Plymouth Caravelle 2.6L '83-'85 (Exc Turbo)
Plymouth Horizon 1.6L '83-'90
Plymouth Horizon 2.2L '81-'90
Plymouth Reliant 2.2L '81-'89
Plymouth Reliant 2.5L '86-'89
Plymouth Reliant 2.6L '81-'85
Plymouth Turismo 1.6L '83-'90
Plymouth Turismo 2.2L '81-'90
Plymouth Voyager 2.5L '88-'90 (Exc Turbo)
And Many More!
Direct Fit Donut Gasket & Two Spring Bolts Kit
Bolts to Manifold on Most Applications
5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty 


Gasket ID: 2" 
Gasket OD: 2.8125" (2 13/16") 
Gasket Style: Donut 
Spring Bolt: 
Spring OAL: 1.625" (1 5/8") 
Stud Lengths: 
Top Section: .375" (3/8") 
Middle Section: 1.75" (1 3/4") (.5" (1/2") Diameter) 
Threaded Section: 1.1875" (1 3/16") 
Stud OAL: 3.3125" (3 5/16") 
Fixed Bolt Head: .5" (1/2") Socket 
Weight: 10 oz. 
 We are so confident in the quality of our repair kits, that we offer a guarantee that our repair kits will not fail due to corrosion, cracking, or splitting for 5 years/50,000 miles, whichever happens first. This warranty does not cover damage that may be the result of improper use, including, but not limited to: road damage, overheating, missing hangers, broken motor mounts, etc. If for any reason our repair kit fails under normal use, we will replace it free of charge. Your original invoice and picture of the failed repair kit while still installed will be required for warranty. Our warranty does not cover shipping, labor costs or other installation costs. It also does not cover any incidental or consequential damages.
Product manufactured and assembled in Canada

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